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Top 5 PC tuneup software

Top 5 PC tuneup software

Tuneups are software that diagnoses all your system data and defrags your hard disk. These also have the ability to delete duplicate files, junk files, and most importantly these can also optimize the Windows registry. Here we are going to know about top pc tuneup software that is currently available in the market.

Why use PC optimization software?

best tuneup software

With time, a PC collects unnecessary information then results in slowing down the speed and performance. Then optimizing your PC using tuneup software is a good option.

Top 5 PC tuneup software

Here we have mentioned the 5 best pc software for you that are currently available in the market.

IObit Advanced Systemcare 

IObit Advanced Systemcare is an application that improves the performance of your PC. This software is aimed at detecting issues and removing junk files. Furthermore, its installation process is so quick and smooth and is also user-friendly. You can also get this software at very low prices through IObit Coupon.

Important Features of IObit Advanced Systemcare

  • Powerful Windows optimization this feature comes in the pro version.
  • Well structured, simple-to-use, effective
  • Defragment your hard disk or Improve your SSD efficiency.
  • Spyware removal – Find the spy apps and delete them
  • Remove Browsing history 
  • 24/7 online support


You might have ever wondered is CCleaner good for Windows or not? CCleaner developed by Piriform is designed to remove unwanted files. If you invest in CCleaner service you can save a lot of hundreds or thousands as it comes with a lower price than other competing products. In addition, it comes with additional privacy protection and many more. Some features of an effective CCleaner is

Important Features of CCleaner

  • Control which applications use your computer’s resources
  • Delete tracking data and browsing history
  • Means other cleaners can’t reach
  • Recuva is included, so never have to worry about missing a file
  • Analyze, correct, and automatically adjust your PC performance
  • 24/7 Online Chat support

Avast Cleanup Premium

It is one of the top tuneup software for PC optimization software and cleaning tool as according to Avast Cleanup Premium Review. Also, it comes from disk cleaner, browser cleaner, registry cleaner which helps improve your computer performance. We also looked at an in-depth Avast Cleanup Premium vs CCleaner review.

Important Features of Avast Cleanup Premium

  • Delete over 200 applications in one time.
  • It records and Improves six key areas of your PC, including broken shortcuts, browser cache, disk junk, and tracking cookies.
  • Breakthrough technology essentially speeds up your PC while keeping the program secure.

Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic has been developed by Iolo Technologies, it is a solution to improve your device with over 50 automated devices to clean your hard drive. We also did a Ccleaner vs Iolo System Mechanics where it performed brilliantly.

Important Features of Iolo System Mechanic

  • You can analyze and improve over 30,000 different PC problems using Iolo live updates.
  • Iolo system mechanics have the ability to delete 50 types of junk files.
  • This can automatically boost your PC startup

Norton Utilities

Norton utilities are vastly used on windows and Mac that are used for the cleanup of your PC. It includes delete, removes files, and analyzes analyzing data. It also competed well in the Iolo System Mechanics vs Norton Utilities comparison. The main features of Norton Utilities are:

Important Features of Norton Utilities

  • Disk DeHelps improve your PC speed and it’s run again like a new one.
  • Manage your digital privacy by allowing you to delete your browser data download.
  • Helps to dispose of private records safely while blocks others from accessing them.

The Bottom Line

After study in every top PC tuneup software, it is found that optimizing PC with tuneup software is good. And the best part is that these tools not only help in improving your PC performance but also keeps your PC up to date.

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